Via precise optical layout; mechanical design and thermal solution; our high efficiency concentration photovoltaic module can be lead into volume production quickly. Our COMPACT HCPV module includes non-imaging Fresnel lenses and secondary non imaging elements with triple-junction cells. These cells are made by MOCVD (Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition) of IIIV compound semiconductor material (InGaP and GaInAs) deposited on a substrate of Ge. They resist the concentration of the radiation and have an efficiency of around 33% or higher; much higher than traditional silicon cells. 

Product Specification The COMPACT HCPV module has the following characteristics: Based on this COMPACT HCPV Module; we can design different systems for application in "Solar Fields" as well as in covers of industrial warehouses; office or commercial buildings or houses. 

Cells per module 100
Solar aperture per module 0.2025 m2
Dimensions 500x500x84 mm
Weight 7 Kg approx.
Cell Efficiency 35%
Module Efficiency 27% approx.
Voc 293V
Isc 0.205 A
Vmpp 265 V
Impp 0.192 A
Output power 51 W approx.