We combine our expertise in optical engineering; micromachining and polymer processing to provide non-imaging solar Fresnel lens. The important features are: full spectrum utilization and high optical efficiency via lens design; uniform irradiance distribution of light spot inside solar cell; and prolonged working period of optical lens. We offer a fully integrated optical solution to provide a competitive concentration photovoltaic application. 

Optical Engineering - Our optical engineers can design the non-imaging Fresnel lens for full solar spectrum with high transmission efficiency and simply verify the design.

Micro machining - We have a state-of-the-art micromachining center; where we fabricate the master tooling and then replicate this master tool to achieve high precision production tooling.

Polymer Processing - Our polymer processing provides prototype to  high volume manufacturing in a variety of materials ( PMMA; PC; Silicone) by a number of different processes (injection; compression; extrusion; lamination; etc.).

What we do for our customers-

 (1) Optical design of imaging; non-imaging; or TIR Fresnel lens at various concentration ratios.

 (2) Manufacturing Fresnel lens using plastic for injection molding; compression molding; or silicone for lamination or replicating over glass.

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